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Doping in sports, addiction to Caffeine, Tobacco ,Alcohol & Drugs were discussed @ABC - Addiction Battling Campaign" live Workshop

The thing I liked about today's program is the personal experience shared by Vipan sir which I think was priceless. That how can we understand emotional health and mental status of drug addict and how can we deal that person according to that person.", observed a member of Young India Network for Good Health. A workshop "ABC - Addiction Battling Campaign" was organised by Project Hope Stone and PH&RD of AMSA India in collaboration with Nada India , on th e occasion of International Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking 28th June'20. On the panel were Dr. Avinash DeSousa (Consultant Psychiatrist and Founder Trustee DeSousa Foundation Mumbai), Priyanka Varma (Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist Consultant at Holy Family hospital, Global Hospitals and the founder of the Thought Co.) and Mr. Vipan Sachdeva (Senior Counselor, Shanti Ratan Foundation) and Emotional CPR  practitioner   Dr. DeSousa burst many myths around drug addiction like cannabis

"Peer-Led Drug De-Addiction Initiatives in India: An Empowering Journey for an Identity" by Alexander Hitch, Volunteer Nada India

A report prepared with the support of Mr. Suneel Vatsyayan, Chairman Nada India Foundation  Chicago, Illinois April 18, 2014       I was first introduced to the therapeutic community modality supported by the Nada India Foundation in the late summer of 2011. During that summer I had been living and working in Delhi as an interim teacher at a local school. My host family, who were wonderfully welcoming and generous, introduced me to local leaders in the community development world, which eventually led to a meeting with Suneel Vatsyayan.       Needless to say, from my first interaction with Mr. Vatsyayan and the Nada India Foundation, I was greatly impressed with its scope of services, and admired the commitment to its mission. Through our first discussions, Mr. Vatsyayan and I both realized our ability to tackle a common goal. I had been trained as an historian in graduate school, and he was hoping to share the story of the peer-led treatment m

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